Training and funding opportunities: postdoc, grad, and undergrad

NIH Training Program:  Graduate and Undergraduate

Since 2011, an NIH training grant at UW supports 2-year graduate traineeships and stipends for undergraduate research for undergraduate scholars who have committed to fulfilling the requirements of the Computational Neuroscience program. The program was founded and directed from ’11-’16 by Adrienne Fairhall (Physiology & Biophysics); Eric Shea-Brown now joins as co-director with Adrienne.  The Leadership Team includes Drs David Perkel (Biology/Otolaryngology), William Moody (Biology), and Fred Rieke (Physiology & Biophysics).

Join our vibrant program, build your scientific community, and receive major research funding!

See links here for GRADUATE and UNDERGRADUATE applications and information.


Swartz Fellowships in Theoretical Neuroscience

In 2015 the Swartz Foundation established the Swartz Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at UW; Adrienne Fairhall and Eric Shea-Brown serve as co-directors.  Calls for postdoctoral fellows, who work intensively and flexibly with a range of UW theorists, are made annually.


Graduate Certificate in Neural Computation and Engineering

The Graduate Certificate Program in Neural Computation and Engineering provides interdisciplinary training for students engaged in quantitative, mathematical, engineering and computational approaches to problems in neuroscience. The Certificate Program allows enrolled students to receive formal recognition for their work, and facilitates connections within the neural computation and engineering community.  See CERTIFICATE page for more information.


Undergraduate Minor in Neural Computation and Engineering

Be on the lookout for an undergraduate minor in our fields, currently under development.