Computational Neuroscience Connection 2013


The 2013 Computational Neuroscience Connection will take place on the 26th and 27th September, 2013. Registration for this event is limited but is open to all. Register here!

A small number of $100 travel fellowships are available for student and postdoctoral attendees from outside Seattle who are presenting a poster (download the application form, deadline September 21, 2013).

26th September:  Student Symposium, 3.00-5pm in the CSNE, Russell Hall, Suite 204, 1414 NE 42nd St. All students are invited to attend and present a poster about their work.

27th September: Symposium at the Waterfront Activities Center, 8.45am-6pm.
Plenary speakers are Steve Cox, from Rice University; Beth Buffalo, who has just joined the UW faculty; Christine Portfors, of Washington State University; and Ashkan Ashrawi, of San Diego State University.


Computational Neuroscience Connection 2013 Schedule

Thursday Sept 26: Student Research Symposium at the CSNE

3:00 Student Research Symposium

Guillaume Lajoie, Shea-Brown lab
Chaos and reliability in fluctuation-driven, balanced spiking networks

Tim Oleskiw, Pasupathy lab
Selectivity for Shape and Blur in Visual Area V4

Nivretta Thatra, Brenowitz and Perkel labs
Quantitative Modeling of Seasonal Addition and Apoptosis of Neurons in an Avian Song System

Juan Angueyra, Rieke lab
Effects of adaptation in primate cones during eye movements

Yoni Browning, Shea-Brown lab
Spike time dependent plasticity tunes feedforward networks

5:00 Responsible Conduct of Research discussion

Friday Sept 27: Waterfront Activities Center

8:30 Coffee
8:45 Greetings. Eric Shea-Brown and Adrienne Fairhall.

Session I: Chair Eric Shea-Brown
8:50 Plenary:  Steve Cox, Rice University
Neuronal Model Reduction: Cells, Junctions and Circuits
9:50 Mike Rudd, PBio
Computational Neuroscience and the Visual Image
10:20 Break
10:40 Nick Cain, Allen Institute for Brain Science
Towards a multi-scale model of the mouse visual system
11:10 Joel Zylberberg, Shea-Brown lab
Correlated variability in the retina: Theory and experiment
11:30 Daniela Witten, Biostatistics
Statistical Machine Learning for High-Dimensional Data
12:00 Announcements, introductions & poster spotlights

Lunch and posters

Session II: Chair Adrienne Fairhall
1:30 Plenary: Beth Buffalo
Seeing is remembering: Visual exploration and memory formation in nonhuman primates
2:30 Ashkan Ashrafi, San Diego State
Empirical Mode Decomposition in Neural Signal Processing: Transcending Fourier Analysis
3:00 Break
3:20 Rajesh Rao, CSE
Understanding the Interplay between Priors, Rewards, and Evidence in Sensory Decision Making
3:50 Christine Portfors, Washington State University
Neural mechanisms for encoding communication sounds in the auditory midbrain
4:50 Posters and reception
6:00 Close