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Current Undergraduate Students

Jeffery Ni

Jeffery is an undergraduate majoring in Bioengineering and is currently working in Dr. Bing Brunton’s lab. He is currently working on a project in finding automatic ways to parse out patient speech in a naturalistic setting for the purpose of finding correlations with electrocorticography data that was concurrently recorded. His research interests broadly lie in the field of neural engineering and the application of machine learning techniques to improve those technologies. In the future, he intends to continue following his interests by pursuing a graduate degree in bioengineering. Outside of school, Jeffery enjoys playing guitar, doing design work, and baking bread.

Adree Songco Aguas

Adree graduated with a major in neuroscience and a minor in applied mathematics. Her advisor is Fred Rieke, and her research interest is in finding and modeling the computational elements responsible for retinal vision across multiple light levels. Such insights would be useful in the development of artificial vision (e.g. retinal prosthetics), as well as in pinpointing the computational strengths (e.g. parallel processing) of biological neural circuits. Adree loves that neuroscience is so interdisciplinary; she has enjoyed having mentors from a variety of diverse fields, and thinks it’s great they’re all working together to better understand what it means to see the world as a human.

Mackenzie Andrews

Jin Oh

Martin Rios