Computational Neuroscience Connection 2014

The 2014 Computational Neuroscience Connection will be held on September 25th (Student Symposium) at Russell Hall and on September 26th at the Waterfront Activities Center. There will opportunities to present work at both forums and we warmly invite members of the computational neuroscience community to participate.

The event is free but registration is required.  Unfortunately, registration is now full; no additional attendees will be allowed.


Thursday Sept 25: Student Research Symposium at the CSNE (Russell Hall, 42nd St and 15th Ave)

3:00        Student Research Symposium

Alison Duffy, Fairhall lab: The generation of variability in trial and error learning             

Jason Webster, Fine lab: Grouping by response similarity: Data driven identification of functional organization

Karl Marrett, Lee lab: Subjective, objective: A user centered approach for an auditory P300 brain computer interface

Seth Koenig, Buffalo lab: Remembering what we’ve seen

Mathew Summers, Rieke lab: Perceptually relevant interactions between rod and cone mediated signals

5:00        Responsible Conduct of Research discussion


Friday Sept 26: Waterfront Activities Center

8:30        Coffee

8:50        Greetings and community updates. Eric Shea-Brown, Adrienne Fairhall, Michael Rudd

Session I: Chair Adrienne Fairhall

9:00       David Kleinfeld, UCSD

                 Hierarchy of orofacial rhythms suggest breathing as a master clock

9:50        Eric Shea-Brown, Applied Mathematics, UW


10:20     Break

10:40     Michael Buice, Allen Institute for Brain Science

               The cortical activity map and the neural basis of behavior

11:10     Plenary: Kanaka Rajan, Princeton University

               Neural circuit mechanisms for sequence generation and timing signals

11:50     Announcements, introductions & poster spotlights

Lunch and posters

Session II: Chair: Mike Rudd

1:30        Plenary: Stephen Smith, Allen Institute for Brain Science


2:20        Chet Moritz, Rehabilitation Medicine/Physiology & Biophysics, UW

                  Projects and challenges at the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering

3:00        Break

3:20        Jim Phillips, Otolaryngology, UW

                Vestibular prosthetics

3:50        Lise Johnson, Neurological Surgery, UW

                Networks of sleep

4:20        Plenary: Ben Strowbridge, Case Western Reserve University

                  Cellular mechanisms of short-term mnemonic representations in the dentate gyrus in vitro

5:00        Posters and reception

6:00        Close