Current Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Ryan Canfield Orsborn & Horowitz labs Brain-machine interfaces, Plasticity, Neural Encoding and Decoding, Optogenetics
John Ferre Fairhall lab Computational Neuroscience, Physics, Biophysics
Devon Griggs Yazdan-Shahmorad lab neural engineering and optogenetics
Yuhan Helena Liu Shea-Brown lab Neural network theory, biologically plausible learning rules, applied linear algebra, dynamical systems
Preston Jiang Neural Systems Lab Predictive coding, Bayesian Inference, Generative Models
John Kruper  Neuroinformatics R&D Group Diffusion MRI, Machine Learning
Po-Chen Kuo Fairhall lab Computational Neuroscience
Ziyu Lu Shea-Brown lab computational neuroscience
Maneeshika Madduri Orbsorn and Burden labs brain-machine interfaces, co-adaptation, motor learning, game theory
Pavithra Rajeswaran Orsborn lab Credit assignment in BCI learning
Ryan Ressmeyer Horwitz lab High-Resolution Digital Eye Tracking & Early Cortical Vision
Scott Sterret Fairhall lab Computational Ethology, Olfaction, Navigation
Vaibhav Thakur
Basso lab Memory and Decision Making, Latent Dynamical Systems
Hengji Wang Fairhall lab Modeling Hydra
Daniel Zdeblick Shea-Brown lab Interpretable models of neural spike data
Patrick Zhang Fairhall lab Computational Neuroscience