Current Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Faeze Aminmansoor Fairhall lab Latent states and dynamical neural system; HMM, GLM, RNN
Luke Bun Horowitz lab Object identification, image segmentation, and cortical color processing
Ryan Canfield Orsborn & Horowitz labs Brain-machine interfaces, Plasticity, Neural Encoding and Decoding, Optogenetics
Shirui Chen Shea-Brown lab Neural Dynamics, Recurrent Neural Networks
John Ferre Fairhall lab Computational Neuroscience, Physics, Biophysics
Devon Griggs Yazdan-Shahmorad lab neural engineering and optogenetics
Yuhan Helena Liu Shea-Brown lab Neural network theory, biologically plausible learning rules, applied linear algebra, dynamical systems
Preston Jiang Neural Systems Lab Predictive coding, Bayesian Inference, Generative Models
John Kruper  Neuroinformatics R&D Group Diffusion MRI, Machine Learning
Po-Chen Kuo Fairhall lab Computational Neuroscience
Ziyu Lu Shea-Brown lab computational neuroscience
Maneeshika Madduri Orbsorn and Burden labs brain-machine interfaces, co-adaptation, motor learning, game theory
Courtnie Paschall Neural Systems & GRIDlab Brain Computer Interface (BCI), Experimental neuroscience, Neural signals analysis
Katherine Perks Orsborn lab sensorimotor learning, internal models, brain-computer interfaces
Pavithra Rajeswaran Orsborn lab Credit assignment in BCI learning
Ryan Raut Kutz lab Brain state dynamics; data-driven dynamical systems
Ryan Ressmeyer Horwitz lab High-Resolution Digital Eye Tracking & Early Cortical Vision
Scott Sterret Fairhall lab Computational Ethology, Olfaction, Navigation
Vaibhav Thakur
Basso lab Memory and Decision Making, Latent Dynamical Systems
Doris Voina Shea-Brown lab flexible network architectures, bio-inspired deep learning, vision, learning & computational modeling in Neuroscience
Daniel Zdeblick Shea-Brown lab Interpretable models of neural spike data
Patrick Zhang Fairhall lab Computational Neuroscience