UW Computational Neuroscience

The University of Washington is a nationally leading center for computational neuroscience, with award-winning research underway across the full spectrum of scales, mechanisms, and functions of the brain. Topics range from ion channel stochasticity in auditory processing to insect flight control to human/computer interfaces. Our faculty members’ interests span pure theory to quantitative experimentation and imaging. They hold positions in many departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Medicine and the School of Engineering — giving students the chance to find their natural disciplinary home — but are closely connected through a dense web of interdisciplinary, cross-departmental collaboration.

Close interactions with the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, the UW Primate Center, the Bloedel Center for Speech and Hearing and other local institutions including Seattle Childrens’ Neuroscience Institute, Microsoft Research and the Allen Institute for Brain Science make UW an exciting and diverse environment for students and postdoctoral fellows interested in exploring the multiple facets of this growing field. UW offers an extensive set of courses at the graduate and undergraduate level that support training in this area for both biologists and theorists.