Adrienne Fairhall


Professor of Physiology and Biophysics

Eric Shea-Brown


Professor of Applied Mathematics


Jessica Huszar

Operations Manager

Leadership Team

Rajesh P.N. Rao

CJ and Elizabeth Hwang Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering 


Eli Shlizerman

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Michael Buice

Assistant Investigator, Allen Institute for Brain Science

Bing Brunton

Associate Professor, Biology

H. Stewart Parker Endowed Faculty Fellow

Edgar Walker

Assistant Professor, Physiology and Biophysics


External Advisory Board

Terry Sejnowski

Salk Institute

Professor and Laboratory Head, Francis Crick Chair

Loren Frank


Professor of Physiology

Rafael Yuste

Columbia University

Professor of Neuroscience and Biological Science

Michael Berry

Princeton University

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute