Graduate and Postdoctoral Training Program

Beginning in July 2023, the Computational Neuroscience Center has a new NIH-funded training program, Training in theoretical and computational approaches to neural circuits of cognition, with annual support for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Graduate students in any UW degree-granting program and postdoctoral fellows who have committed to doing research in the laboratories of the training grant faculty are welcome to apply for admission to the Computational Neuroscience Training Program. Applicants planning collaborative research between experimental and theoretical labs are particularly encouraged to apply.

The program was established to encourage and support interdisciplinary education and research training theoretical aspects of neuroscience. Awardees will receive up to 2 years of stipend support, as well as partial tuition for students, as well as a small allowance for supplies and travel. The training program includes coursework, workshops, presentation opportunities and interactions with an interdepartmental mentoring committee for guidance in choice of coursework and research direction.

Please sign up for the CNC mailing list for more information on applying to the training program.

Please note that the CNTG is NOT a degree-granting program: interested students must apply to the UW through one of the relevant graduate programs, including Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Neurobiology and Behavior, Psychology, Physics and many others.

Directors: Beth Buffalo, Adrienne Fairhall, Eric Shea-Brown

Training Program Faculty

Michael BruchasPharmacology
Bing BruntonBiology
Elizabeth BuffaloPhysiology and Biophysics
Charles ChavkinPharmacology
Adrienne FairhallPhysiology and Biophysics
Susan FergusonPsychiatry
Nathan KutzApplied Mathematics
Sheri MizumoriPsychology
Scott MurrayPsychology
John NeumaierPsychiatry
Amy OrsbornElectrical and Computer Engineering
Paul PhillipsPharmacology
Rajesh RaoComputer Science and Engineering
Ariel RokemPsychology
Eric Shea-BrownApplied Mathematics
Eli ShlizermanApplied Mathematics
Nick SteinmetzBiological Structure
Andrea StoccoPsychology
Azadeh Yazdan-ShahmoradElectrical and Computer Engineering
Edgar WalkerPhysiology and Biophysics
Garret StuberPharmacology
Daniela WittenStatistics
Larry ZweifelPsychiatry