Shanahan Undergraduate and Post-bac Fellows

2023 Research Assistants

Janna Hong

mentor Anamika Agrawal

Janna is a recent grad with a degree in Neuroscience and Education. She also studied computational neuroscience and leads UW’s only Neuro/AI organization to democratize interdisciplinary education. For her research, she is analyzing neuropathological data from the hippocampus and MTG (Medial Temporal Gyrus). She is analyzing quantitative data from post-mortem brain samples from donors in Python. Central to her research on Alzheimer’s Disease, characterized by plaques (such as dense core and diffuse) and tangles, are the AT8 and 6e10 markers aligned with Braak and Thaal stages. Additionally, she’s beginning to explore the distribution of α-synuclein in relation to Lewy body disease. Her quantification efforts aim to illuminate disease severity, progression, and inform the pseudotime inference model. Overall, Janna hopes to augment the ongoing SEA-AD project

Andrew Smith

Mentor Matthew Bull

Wuwei Zhang

Mentor Lu Mi

2022 Research Assistants

Miles Mahon

mentor Praveen Venkatesh

I’m a research assistant working with Praveen Venkatesh, moving between UW’s Computational Neuroscience Center and the Allen Institute. I’m currently working on measures of directed information in recurrent networks, looking at targeted interventions and context integration in decision-making tasks. I’m also broadly interested in social cognition and the development of moral reasoning. Outside of research I like to play music, chess, and indie video games.

Mozes Jacobs

Mentor Ryan Raut

I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Washington. I am interested in deep generative modeling and studying how it can be used to help understand the dynamics of the world. My current research is on the problem of system identification for dynamical systems. Specifically, I am studying the applications of deep learning methods and approximate Bayesian inference methods (e.g. VAEs, hypernetworks, implicit distributions) to discovering stochastic differential equations from data. By developing these techniques further, we may be able to pull out SDE representations for some brain dynamics. In my free time, I enjoy playing with cat, watching TV, playing video games. I also do powerlifting.

A’Dawnah Pangelinan

Mentor Monica Liu