Swartz Center for Theoretical Neuroscience


The Swartz Foundation is committed to supporting theoretical neuroscience research that investigates basic principles and mechanisms of brain function. Their intent is to integrate problem-solving approaches from physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science into neuroscience research to better understand the relationship between the human brain and the mind. The Swartz Foundation was founded in 1994 by Jerry Swartz to explore the application of mathematical physics and computer engineering principles to traditional neurobiology, as a path to better understanding the brain/mind relationship. They support leading theoretical neuroscience research centers around the country, including centers at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and UC San Diego, and, in partnership with the Sloan Foundation, at their original five Centers for Theoretical Neurobiology at Salk Institute, Cal Tech, UC San Francisco, NYU/Courant and Brandeis University. The Swartz Foundation also sponsors conferences, workshops, seminars, and public lectures in brain science.

In 2015, UW-CNC was honored to be selected as a Swartz Center. Fellowships funded by the Swartz Foundation support postdocs in computational neuroscience research, and allow them to work intensively and flexibly with a range of UW theorists.

Calls for Swartz Center fellows are made annually. Please contact us for more information.


Current Swartz Fellows