The Neural Computation and Engineering Connection is an annual symposia hosted by the CNC, featuring talks from invited speakers, UW faculty, and postdocs, as well as a poster session and panel on neuroethics.

This year’s NCEC will be held on May 11-12, 2023. Confirmed speakers include Sara Solla, Gautam Reddy, Emily Jane Dennis, Mar Gonzalez-Franco, Sama Ahmed, Anna Gillespie, Astra Bryant, Cindy Poo, and Zaid Harchaoui.

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Full Schedule (PDF)

Thursday, May 11, 2023

UW Gates Center for Computer Science and Engineering (CSE2)

Zillow Commons & Singh Gallery (4th floor)

11:00a-12:15pPoster session and lunch (provided), Singh Gallery
12:15p-12:30Welcome, Zillow Commons
12:30-12:50pm“The effects of visual crowding on shape processing in the macaque area V4”
Taekjun Kim, Acting Assistant Professor, Pasupathy Lab
12:50-1:10pm“Quantifying internal model learning in monkeys using a novel continuous tracking task”
Katherine Perks, Neuroscience graduate student, Orsborn Lab
1:10-1:30pm“Graph diffusion modeling to estimate neural communication with high temporal resolution”
Felix Schwock, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science graduate student, Yazdan-Shahmorad lab
1:45-2:05pm“Probing communication between visual and frontal areas in the awake behaving macaque”
Erin Kempkes, Postbac Research Scientist Pasupathy lab
2:05-2:25pm“Learning hierarchical temporal representations through dynamic predictive coding”
Preston Jiang, Computer Science graduate student, Rao lab
2:25-2:45pm“Spiral waves are coordinated topographically across cortical and subcortical brain areas”
Zhiwen Ye, Acting Assistant Professor, Steinmetz lab
3:00-3:30pm"Statistical machine learning for the modeling of functional connectivity"
Zaid Harchaoui, UW Statistics
3:30-4:30pm“Neuroscience as the basis for human computer interaction”
Keynote lecture: Mar Gonzalez-Franco, Google
4:45-5:30pmEthics panel discussion, presented by Interactive Intelligence

Friday, May 12, 2023

UW Husky Union Building (HUB) Room 145

8:30-9:00amContinental breakfast
9:00-10:00am“From the wild to the lab: how house mice hunt for prey”
Emily Jane Dennis, Janelia Research Campus
10:00-10:30am"The neural basis of temperature-driven host seeking in a human-infective parasitic nematode"
Astra Bryant, UW Physiology and Biophysics
10:50-11:20am"Moving and Grooving: A Closer Look at Multitasking Drosophilids"
Sama Ahmed, UW Psychology
11:20-11:50am"Exploring the function and therapeutic potential of hippocampal replay"
Anna Gillespie, UW Biological Structure & Lab Medicine and Pathology
12:00-1:10pmLunch (provided)
1:10-2:10pm“Physical and algorithmic aspects of olfactory navigation"
Gautam Reddy, Harvard University
2:10-2:50pmIndustry Careers and Collaborations
Panel discussion moderated by NeuroTec
3:10-3:40pm“Olfactory navigation and foraging”
Cindy Poo, Allen Institute for Brain Science
3:40-4:40pm“Low Dimensional Manifolds for Neural Dynamics”
Keynote lecture: Sara A Solla, Northwestern University