Current CNC graduate student Alison Weber has been awarded a prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Washington Research Foundation. Ali is currently completing her doctorate in neuroscience under the mentorship of Eric Shea-Brown and Fred Rieke. In her fellowship, she will work with Tom Daniel and Bing Brunton to study how insects achieve agile flight control using limited sensory information. This work will provide insight into both how biological systems integrate data from their surroundings, and guide technology development where sensors must be efficiently allocated.

The WRF’s mission is to support life science and enabling technology research in Washington. The Postdoctoral Fellowship program supports up to 10 new postdoctoral fellows each year at institutions in Washington state. The fellows receive three years of support as they embark on ambitious, highly creative, and groundbreaking projects in areas that target critical unmet public needs, including healthcare, renewable energy and food sustainability.