The UW Computational Neuroscience Center will host our third workshop/hackathon with the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics (AIND) on December 6, 2023, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST in the South Campus Center 301 (1601 NE Columbia Rd, Seattle, WA 98195). This year’s AIND-CNC Hackacollabathon focuses on analyzing neuronal morphologies derived from large-scale whole brain imaging data. Open to UW and IN-BIC community. Register here. 

What the collaboration between AIND and CNC is all about:

The Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics began in 2021 with the mission of decoding the brain’s complex circuitry, and understanding how brain activity gives rise to complex behaviors, decision-making, and memory. They are establishing platforms that generate complex brain-wide data including neurophysiology, behavior, and molecular anatomy.

AIND-CNC collaborative workshops aim to foster dialogue and collaboration between our research communities. Our third workshop will introduce participants to imaging data collected using our expansion-assisted selective plane illumination microscope. These high-resolution whole brain images allow us to reconstruct the complete morphology of individual neurons in the intact brain. Our workshop will examine dendritic and axonal structures of individual neurons and explore the quantitative methods to classify neurons based on morphology – structural features, projection targets, and projection strengths. Coding experience in Python is required.

Take advantage of these exciting opportunities! Contact CNC Operations Manager Jessica Huszar ( for more information.