UW’s Computational Neuroscience Center recently co-organized NeuroAI in Montreal, a meeting on the interface of neuroscience and artificial intelligence, at Mila – Quebec AI Institute in Montreal, Canada, on October 10-13, 2023. Co-sponsored by the CNC’s International Network for Bio-Inspired Computation, an NSF funded network that links groups in Paris and Canada as well as the Pacific Northwest, NeuroAI in Montreal is the third in a series including NeuroAI in Paris (April 2022) and NeuroAI in Seattle (September 2022). The IN-BIC NeuroAI workshops bring together experts in neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence as well as neuro and AI ethics to explore the latest research and advancements in neuroscience and machine learning, as well as to discuss societal implications. CNC directors Drs. Adrienne Fairhall and Eric Shea-Brown presented at the workshop; Fairhall discussed work on primate cognition in collaboration with Beth Buffalo, while Shea-Brown presented his research on dimensionality of neural representations in collaboration with Allen Institute colleagues. The next NeuroAI meeting is planned to take place in summer of 2024 in Seattle.

A photo of four panelists seated in a row.

Panelists participating in a discussion session that included Dr. Amy Orsborn and Dr. Yoshua Bengio.


Dr. Adrienne Fairhall, co-director of the Computational Neuroscience Center presents at NeuroAI Montreal.