We’re excited to announce that four new graduate students will join the Computational Neuroscience Graduate Training Program, now in its ninth year. Admission to the program is highly competitive, and students are selected by the CNTG leadership team based on the strength of submitted proposals. Each student will receive up to 2 years of funding from the NIH to support their doctoral work.

Doris Voina is a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics, and is mentored by Eric Shea-Brown (Applied Mathematics) and Stefan Mihalas (Allen Institute). Her work looks at flexible neural architecture in vision, and examining how they are implemented in the brain and in artificial intelligence.

Tony Bigelow is a PhD candidate in Neuroscience, and is mentored by Anitha Pasupathy (Biological Structure). His work looks at how dynamic stimuli are processed in visual pathways, working with neurophysiological models and computational modeling.

Si Jia Li is a PhD candidate in Bioengineering, and is mentored by Amy Orsborn (Electrical & Computer Engineering/Bioengineering). His research analyzes brain recordings using machine learning techniques to examine how motor learning takes places, with the goal of improving brain computer interfaces.

Aaron Garcia is co-sponsored with UWIN. He is a Ph.D. student in the Neuroscience program co-mentored by Bing Brunton (Biology) and Elizabeth Buffalo (Physiology and Biophysics). Aaron’s research centers on identifying brain activity in the hippocampus and surrounding structures used during navigation and memory tasks.