Tomorrow evening, October 25th, Neural Computation and Engineering graduate student Kaitlyn Casimo will be presenting a Halloween special at the Pacific Science Center: “Frankenstein: a modern postmortem”. This talk will present an updated take on the fascinating moral ambiguities of the Frankenstein story and where we stand today, both technically and ethically, on the engineering of minds.

“Frankenstein” is the latest in a series that Kaitlyn has presented in her role as a Science Communication Fellow at the Pacific Science Center. Alongside her dayjob in the Ojemann lab characterizing resting state activity and exploring the potential use of these signals in BCIs, Kaitlyn is passionate about conveying science to the community and to kids. Along with her work at the Science Center, she also acts as the primary student coordinator for UW’s Brain Awareness Week, and is the student outreach coordinator for the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering. She is helping to spread her knowledge and experience in speaking to and writing for the public with a series of workshops open to undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs that are running monthly throughout this school year. These sessions will handle topics such as crafting a memorable message, and building hands-on demos to illustrate concepts in computational neuroscience and neural engineering.