UW CNC will be hosting a private screening of the new film In Silico from director Noah Hutton on May 5 at 7 PM.

In 2013, neuroscientist Henry Markram led a team of neuroscientists in a successful billion-euro funding bid for the Human Brain Project. Enchanted by Markram’s dazzling vision of a new approach to brain science– the construction of a computational replica of a human brain– director Noah Hutton embarked upon a ten-year mission to document the project. The result is a story of grand ambition and disillusionment that carries lessons for Big Science and raises the profound questions of what it means to understand the brain, and how to get there.

Directly following the screening, we will have a Q+A with the director, hosted by Adrienne Fairhall and Swartz Fellow Leenoy Meshulam.

Registration is required and available here.