We are thrilled to announce our new graduate appointees to the Computational Neuroscience Training Grant. From an extremely competitive application pool, two students were selected. They will receive two years of NIH-supported funding to support their research in theoretical neuroscience.

Dennis Tabuena is a PhD candidate in Neuroscience, and is mentored by Bill Moody in the Biology department. His work focuses on the role of sleep in regulating early synchronous activity in the cortex of neonatal mice.

Ben Chasnov is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering, and is co-mentored by Sam Burden and Lillian Ratliff, both in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His work looks at computational models of decision making and human interaction. He is currently working on the development of theoretical and algorithmic tools to shed light on equilibrium interactions between competitive agents, and how the agents can design incentives to shift the equilibrium.