The University of Washington Computational Neuroscience Center (CNC) is seeking applications for a prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship at the UW Swartz Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. Fellows will join the vibrant, collaborative UW theoretical neuroscience community. This fellowship provides the unique opportunity to work with any of the CNC’s faculty members, with the freedom to design and develop projects and new collaborations. Participating faculty members’ research includes theory, computation and data analysis, and members interact extensively with colleagues in quantitative experimentation. Experimental work available for close collaboration at UW includes groups performing large-scale recording (electrophysiology, imaging) and neural manipulation (optogenetics) in diverse behavioral tasks. Collaborations with the Allen Institute are also possible. 

The Fellowship is available with a flexible starting date between immediately and spring ‘23, and applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled.  To apply please send your CV, a 1-2 page summary of research accomplishments, and a 1-2 page statement of research interests, to; please arrange to have 3 letters of reference sent to the same email address.