Octopus sleep shifts between quiet and frenzied stages

Originally published by UW Medicine Newsroom Octopuses, those smart, eight-armed mollusks, transition between two sleep stages, quiet and active. Their quiet periods of slumber are punctuated by short bursts of frenzied activity. Their arms and eyes twitch, their breathing rate quickens, and their skin flashes with vibrant colors. Researchers from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan, in collaboration with a postdoctoral fellow at UW Medicine, have closely examined the brain activity and [...]

CNC students awarded fellowships from NSF, Quebec Research Fund

Five CNC students were recently awarded prestigious graduate fellowships. Patrick Zhang, Chase King, Ryan Ressmeyer, and James Hazelden were recipients of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship, a highly competitive fellowship that supports outstanding US students in technology, engineering, and math graduate programs. CNC graduate student Helena Liu also received a FRQNT fellowship from the Quebec Research Fund to continue work she started through the NSF-supported International Network for Bio-Inspired Computing. [...]

UW-led team receives $4.2M grant to develop AI-guided brain stimulation methods aimed at treating mental health disorders

By Wayne Gillam, re-posted from ECE News   Mental health could be considered a new frontier, one where the undiscovered landscape exists mostly in the brain. In this space, there are vast numbers of people impacted by mental illness, and there is a profound opportunity for science and technology to play an important role in bettering the human condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mental health disorders are among the [...]

Funding opportunity: International Network for Bio-Inspired Computing

The International Network for Bio-Inspired Computing is excited to announce applications are open for the next round of IN-BIC fellowships, with a deadline of January 27. AccelNet International Network for Biologically-Inspired Computing (IN-BIC) project grants support students and postdocs to undertake new collaborative projects with network partners. IN-BIC is funded through the NSF AccelNet program (2019976). Who is eligible? All students and postdocs that work at AccelNet IN-BIC partner institutions are eligible to [...]

Neuroscience, AI, and Society Seminar December 7: The Neuroscience of You: How Understanding Your Neural Lens Can Help You Connect with Others

The CNC's next seminar in our Neuro, AI, and Society series will take place December 7 at 7 PM, featuring a talk from Dr. Chantel Prat, UW Psychology Professor and author of The Neuroscience of You. Register at   "The Neuroscience of You: How Understanding Your Neural Lens Can Help You Connect with Others" We are living through a social paradox in which an expanded appreciation for the importance of diversity co-exists [...]

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